Sept 15-17, 2023

Gravel, singletrack, and backroad riding in a big 50 mile loop from Maple Falls to Glacier, WA
Featuring Red Mtn, Black Mtn, Bay to Baker trail, Bald Mtn back to Black, with some unofficial “locals only” stuff.
cards are swapped out at each checkpoint to improve your hand, with feats of strength for bonus tokens

Bay to Baker trail
with a washout from Nov 2021

Camping, BBQ, and games both Fri and Sat nights with heated games of Sabacc. Can you win the Millenium Falcon (without cheating)?

More details and game rules to follow, but here’s the rough idea:

This will be a “Poker Run” style event with a Star Wars theme, inspired by the movie Solo. Watch it now to get a leg up on winning the Millennium Falcon prize! Find the rules for playing Sabacc and practice playing to gain even more advantage. Can you finish the full route in less than 12 parsecs?

Detailed route options will be published the week prior to the event with card station GPS locations provided Saturday morning. Choose your own approach to gaining the most cards and/or the best hand! Ride with your crew or just show up Friday night to be added to teams of 3 to 6 smugglers (we will mostly ride together if possible).

RSVP on Google Forms here

Save the date! Add weekends prior to your calendar to come out for helping with trail prep in exchange for advanced knowledge of the Kessel Run. Friday night available for getting your camp set up. Sunday can also include some hot laps on handbuilt XC singletrack departing right from the campground. Stay the whole weekend to check out the trails at Silver Lake Park (cabins and camping available, once home to an excellent Cascade Cross weekend event) and take a swim or paddle!

2022 test ride finishing above Silver Lake at sunset
an appropriate machine for this adventure
You will be issued some Imperial credits with your entry fee. Get to any station first to earn more!
much thanks to Josh P. for helping me scout the route during his peak WES event organizing season!
come explore parts of the N. Fork Nooksack River valley few people have seen before